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Expert Tips for Navigating the Real Estate Market

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Autumn is in full swing, you can feel the crispness of the air and now is the time to tackle those home maintenance projects. I have put together a few tips to get your home ready for fall. First and foremost, many of us have evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers) and it is important that they are serviced in the fall. When they’re serviced, you need to drain the water, take the belt off (if you leave the belt on, a bump will arise and will knock every time it turns when used in the spring) and take the pads out. By doing these simple tasks, you will increase the life and usability of your cooler.

The second tip I have is in regards to your roof. We’ve received a lot of rain this late summer/fall and you probably know if you have leaks. However, it is still important you get up on your roof and do a quick check. You should probably do this twice a year because you don’t want to wait until you have a leak to service your roof. Another thing to point out with our tar gravel or pitch flat roofs is that leaves tend to build up in the canales and should be cleaned regularly.

Also, checking the batteries in smoke detectors is a quick and very easy thing to do while maximizing the safety of your family. Another important area to give attention to is your driveway, sidewalks, stucco or brick to make sure there are no cracks because winters tend to freeze and melt moisture frequently which causes expansion and contraction. Make sure if there are any cracks, they are sealed tightly.

Remember, your house is most likely your biggest investment. With these simple tasks, it will give your home the longevity you want and will also prevent most major home repairs. Hopefully these helped and have a great day!

Will you give your home the attention it deserves?

Many people have been asking me how the market is trending as we enter the fourth quarter towards the end of 2013. As much as I wish I could give one definite answer, there are many factors that determine how the market will play out in your specific situation. Interest rates have been slowly inching upward but historically they are still fantastic as they hover below 5% (buyers were happy to receive a 16-18% rate in years past).

For buyers who are looking for homes priced in the $150,000-250,000 range will see a shortage in available inventory and this is not allowing buyers to find the perfect house. So if you’re thinking about selling, don’t wait until spring to do so! If you need to sell and you’re in that sweet spot, we can sell it.

Buyers who are ready to move up to the $250,000-500,000 range, prices haven’t increased and the market is fairly steady. There are great opportunities to move into your next house. Our luxury market has many houses that are priced to sell and our lenders have informed us that “jumbo” are great and there are many good options available.

As a reminder to sellers, now is a great time to have your home on the market. People tend to pull their homes toward the end of the year because of the approaching holidays, but that does not mean the market stops. If you need to sell and your house is still on the market while everyone is taking theirs off, you will be able to get a great price for your home. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any specific questions by email at or to call/text (887) 933-6881