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Expert Tips for Navigating the Real Estate Market

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3 Great Tools for Your Home Value and the Real Estate Market

Hello everyone. Today, I’m with Meredith Stumpf, our listing team manager. Many of you have probably met her.

We have some great tools to help homeowners find out what the value of their home is and I’m going to let Meredith tell you about them.

Thank you! One of our programs is the Guaranteed Sale Program and it is a free online estimate. It gives a starting price range of what your home is worth; all you do is put in your street address and you find a quick market look.

Now, we have a tool that’s a little more in depth and it’s called a Market Snapshot. This snapshot gives you an update of what is going on in your neighborhood; you can choose to get it weekly or every six months, whichever your preference is.

If you are really thinking of selling, the best thing to do is call Meredith or I and we would be happy to give you a free market analysis.

So, that’s three ways to find the value of your home: two online or have one of us come out. So give us a call at 877.933.6881.