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Winter Pruning Tips Courtesy Handy Girl’s Grounds Keeping

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There is more to pruning trees than merely snipping branches where they seem to be too long. In fact, for those that may not realize it, there is a specific way to prune a tree in order to get the maximum use of the tree and its fruit in case of fruit-bearing trees.

To help demonstrate some useful tools, tips and tricks on how to prune a tree – we invited one of our preferred partners to show you.

Learn All You Can About the Tree(s)
Before you begin, we suggest to do is to research more about the tree and find out general care instructions. Your research will also likely point you toward additional pruning tips that may be specific to the type of tree.

Remove Dead, Damaged and Diseased Branches
The first step is to survey the tree for any dead, damaged or diseased branches plus any branches that are badly crossed. Using the appropriate tools depending on the size, thickness of branch and height – remove as necessary.

Allow for Light and Air for Optimum Growth
When pruning the tree, be sure to allow enough air and light to flow through the tree, particularly in the center of the tree which will help the fruit to ripen. It is important that in the first step when branches are removed, that no more than one third of the entire tree’s volume be taken off in any given year. This will ensure proper growth of the tree.

Trim To Avoid Growth Toward the Center
Finally, when you are trimming branches it is important to do so away from the buds. By shaping it so that the branches spread outward rather than toward the center, you will avoid the tree branches from being too overcrowded.
It’s also vital to have a set of quality, well-maintained tools for the cleanest cuts and the least amount of hassle or injury. As explained and shown in the video, you will need hand pruners, a pruning saw, loppers and a pole saw.

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